Book 3 of Legend of Korra is a proof of how much you can do for women in just 13 episodes


  • Main female character who is brown and muscular, multidimensional and has agency
  • Main female character takes responsibility for the change in the world her actions has caused
  • 50/50 male-female character count and talking ratio
  • A variety of significant female characters in 13 episodes Females: Korra, Asami, Jinora, P’Li, Ming-Hua, Hou-Ting, Lin, Suyin, Opal, Granny Yin, Kya   — (in comparison) Males: Mako, Bolin, Kai, Tenzin, Raiko, Ghazan, Zaheer, Zuko, Aiwei, Tonraq
  • Half of the fight scenes fought by women, women fight men, women fight women, women work together
  • Women and men being equally dangerous and skilled
  • Two different women genuinely liking each other and not caring about the messy love triangle they were involved in
  • Those two women on good terms with their ex and poking fun at the awkwardness
  • Romantic love wasn’t the main concern or motivation of any female character except for the very tall woman (Opal and Jinora’s priorities are different despite having romantic moments)
  • Woman teaching another woman how to drive
  • Woman being good at mechanical things and it saved an entire crew from the desert, said woman welds while wearing lipstick and fabulous hair
  • Senile grandma is treated with respect and patience by her family
  • The main villains is a group composed of two men and two women
  • One important villain is a middle-aged woman who rules the largest kingdom with an iron fist, she’s tyrannical which is the opposite of her weak father
  • Armless woman being one of the deadliest fighters
  • Armless woman driving
  • The tallest member of the Red Lotus is a woman
  • A couple where the woman is like 6 inches taller and was never played for laughs
  • A story arc dedicated to the relationship of two middle aged sisters plus an aunt + relationship too
  • Sisters had different fathers and was raised by a blind single mother
  • Main female character is taught how to bend metal by a woman
  • One sister who founded her own city while having a successful marriage and five kids
  • Said sister’s husband isn’t relevant and got a single line (reverse trope)
  • The other sister chose to be single because she didn’t want kids
  • When the main character was in distress, said two sisters and two brothers came to rescue her
  • Main heroine willingly sacrifices herself to save others
  • Her back-up group includes an elite metal team led by a woman
  • A father’s “death” is the source of rage of the main female character, which is a reverse of the typical trope
  • Airbenders were led by a little girl to rescue female main character in the finale
  • Said little girl became the first airbending master of a generation. She shaved her head and was proud of it and it was celebrated
  • Main female character is depressed and physically damaged at the end of the show but she’s with very supportive group of family and friends

I was drawing today and I realize that maybe portraiture wouldn’t be a bad thing for me to explore.

I’m not very good at action/movement, but I can spend a lot of time on backgrounds and furniture. Portraits never really appealed to me before, but maybe I should rethink the way I think about my own art to my betterment?

IDK. I just don’t feel like I’m very good but I still like to draw and I’d like to improve.


The wrong uniform

Shiemi got her uniform sent to Rin’s place and he thought it was for him, after a moment of being shocked he decided that he actually looked pretty good and got a bit camera happy xD

is there anyway at all to get the rest of it released because its killing me :C

Get Zeonic-Republic some good scans?????

That’s about all I got. :/

Cosplay Chess At Cosplay America~

Cosplay America is a first-year convention in my state (North Carolina)-

My friend is still looking for participants for Cosplay Chess. This years theme is Anime VS. Video Games. ( You get extra flexibility if your Anime Character has/is in a video game or vice versa!)

So if your one of the few not going to Dragon*con this weekend and would like to support one of the East Coasts only cosplay-centered convention, we’d love to have you!

Can you please tell me how and why does Haman kill Natalie? I have read this manga but i cant read any japanese and after like chapter 40 something around the chapter waking, the manga is no longer translated and im kinda lost. I have read summaries about the manga but it just says Haman didnt kill her but allowed her to be killed. 

IIRC Haman does NOT kill Natalie. She’s not involved. I found some raw scans years ago and some guy from the Hardliner group that wants another war with the Earth Federation shoots her. No one has translated that far and it can be super-hard to find raw scans; so if Haman is involved somehow she may have overheard the conversation or something and that’s about it. Haman was not well towards the end of the manga.

Keep an eye on if it still exists. He’s had it translated for a while, but I don’t know if he ever found suitable scans or not.

He’s also got up to volume 10 IIRC. IDK if they are still available on his site, but if they’ve got his watermark they’re his translation.

Queen Elinor Otakon 2014 by LadyCoriana
Arshtat Falenas - A sunny day by Kythana

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Relating to a character can be comforting-

Several weeks ago my 17-year-old sister got a bad eye infection from swimming in the local river. No big deal, right?

We kind of laughed it off. Mom & Dad had already taken her to the doctor and we thought she was on the road to recovery. Sadly not so.

They went back to the doctor last week and her eyesight has deteriorated dramatically- She had very good vision before- and now her ears are bothering her too.

The doctors have no idea what’s going on. It could be anything from a hereditary disease triggered by the infection, or it could be a tumor.

Needless to say I’m very worried. My mom has diabetes and isn’t taking anything for it right now and my grandfather has been in the hospital recently as well.

Right now I relate with Kamiki Izumo; one of my favorite Ao no Exorcist characters, harder than ever right now.

All Izumo really wants is for her little sister Tsukumo to be safe.

Its all I really want right now, too.

Its not a big thing, but it helps me deflect some of my worry.