Sometimes cosplay is hard for unexpected reasons.

So here I am- its 3:30 a.m. and I am once again fighting the not-good-enoughs.

Honestly I don’t know why or how this really started. I could delve deep into my childhood psyche and come up with something, but the long and short of it is this-

My own self worth is so low it impacts my work.

Point A to Point B projects are easy for me- Build a thing, clean this, rearrange that. Easy stuff.

But creative endeavors? No, not easy at all. Sure some artists, sculptors and cosplayers make it look effortless, but the cold hard truth is that there are a ridiculous heap of man hours that go into any kind of creative project.

Unfortunately for me most of my time is wasted fighting my own lack of self confidence. I lose a lot of working time because I’ll have to sit down and reassure myself I am doing quality work.

Saber is a special habit-breaking project- Because I almost never cosplay a lead character and I almost never make anything so elaborate. I usually don’t tamper with the design, but I really want this costume to have a life of its own.

I also hope to use Saber for charity events (I’m part of a cosplay group that does charity work now.) and so I’d really like it to be special for that reason as well.

I just have to remember why I’m working on this project, and remind myself that I am my own worst enemy and I don’t have to be.

Rasler Heios Nabradia - Cosplay LBM 2014 by diriagoly

Cosplay from Switzerland.
Give a Gundamu cosplayer a hand~

I need to decide what to wear for Animazement, as there will be four Gundam VA’s at the con.

The short list is-

Kamille Bidan

Amuro Ray (Zeta or CCA)

Kai Shiden (MSG or Zeta… leaning towards Zeta)

Amuro and Kai would be the easier two, but there is a part of me that doesn’t want to show favoritism since I love everyone on the cast and so Kamille is high on the preference list even though he’d be a little trickier.

Help me out? Which one?

I need to find more cool-weather conventions because my Potential Cosplay list is currently impractical for the conventions I plan on attending this year-

Gabriel Belmot- Covered head-to-toe in what looks like leather

Saber- Long dress + armor (I’m making it work for Animazement but IDK if I want to even think about taking it to OTakon…)

Lucifer and/or Arthur Auguste Angel from Ao no Ex- Both wear heavy-looking uniforms. Lucifer is naked most of these latest chapters but that’s hardly acceptable cosplay lol.

Alucard- Well, every form is equal suffering in the summer heat.

I feel like Otakon is going to be hard to plan for. :<


Photo shoot:

Location:  Germany / Koblenz / Rhein Mosel Halle

Event: Animexx meeting Koblenz (Aniko) March 2014

Anime: Ao no exorcist

Charakter: Kuro-chan [Human]

Photomodel: Arthur Kirkland

Photographer: me

That feel when you want to cosplay a manga character who has no color illustrations yet…







LoL is for nubulets that like easy games, real men play DOTA

Real men don’t play moba’s

REAL men play Metal Gear. 

now this i cannot disagree with


Your all wrong-

Real Men play Touhou

Bang bang bitch! by AnonJames



Photo by Art Photos-

Cosplay from Ireland.
Ready to hunt by Megumi-nyan-Cosplay

Cosplay from France.

Ready to hunt by Megumi-nyan-Cosplay

Cosplay from France.


Get Rekt

I wanna cosplay this carrot-hating loser <3